Alessandro Volta was an Italian inventor born on February 18th 1745. His full name is Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta. In his early years Volta wasn’t as advanced as the other children. His parents even considered him challenged because it wasn’t until he was four until he began to speak Volta knew he wanted to be a physicist at a relatively young age. After reading “the history and present state of electricity” by Joseph Priestley he knew being a physicist was what he wanted to be, and that was at the age of 14 ( Alessandro was sent to a seminary school in Como Italy, but he had already known by that time that he wanted to be a physicist. Unlike his brothers and sisters he strayed from the religious back round of the family. Many of his siblings became priest and nuns but he stayed on the path of becoming a physicist (newworldencyclopedia).

Volta's house

"Volta's house as an adult in Como, Italy"


1763 was the first time he interacted with physics. Volta was 18 when he had got in touch with a French physicist named Abbe Antoine Nollet. In 1769 Volta published an article called "De Vi Attractivignis electrici" but it wasn’t until 1774 that Volta began to use his intelligence and love for physics. In 1774 he became the professor of physics at his old school called the Royal seminary.


"Abbe Antoine Nollet" "the first inventor who took notice of Volta as a youth"


The first invention Volta ever began working on was the electrophorus. This invention would have been used to produce static electricity. the electrophorus was first invented in 1762 by a man named Johan Carl Wilcke. the electrophorus is a generator that is used to produce an electric charge. the process took place between two plates of opposite charge and had to be done manually by moving the plates closer and away from each other. Even though this was not Voltas personal invention, it was one of the first things he worked on. He improved this invention of Johan Carl Wilcke's and made it much more popular than it had been in the previous years, bu this did not happen until 1775.


"The electrophorus that Volta improved and made popular"


Volta also created the Voltaic pile. The Voltaic pile is a a set of copper, zinc and cloth soaked in brine or acidulated water (“physics.kenyon”) the voltaic pile would store up the energy through the entire contraption which was a vertical shape held together by three metal poles.
"The Voltaic pile"


Volta also created an invention called the crown of cups. The crown of cups did the same thing as the voltaic pile but in a different way. The crown of cups was set up with cups in a circle and U shaped rods would be placed in the water of cup linking it to another cup. The same charge was produced as that of the voltaic pile.

"Volta's invention called the crown of cups"


Volta also conducted experiments with a man named Luigi Galvani. Luigi suggested to Volta that a frog had a certain type of animal electricity due to an experiment he had done. Volta although had believed Galvani at first conducted these experiments himself and after completing decided that the from merely acted as a vessel for an electric discharge due to the moisture and water on the frog (“chemistryexplained”).

"Luigi Galvani"


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