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Born:January 7, 1706Died: April 17, 1790
Ben Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was an American born inventor. He is widely known for inventing the light bulb and flying a kite and key in a thunderstorm. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston Massachusetts in 1706. He was the 15th child born of 17 his mother was Abiah Folger and his father was Josiah Franklin.

Careers Over the Years

As a child he worked as a printer, later on in life he continued this career. Ben Franklin left school at the age of 8 and began working in a printing press with his brother by the age of 10. For most of his life, Ben was a writer and a printer.

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Benjamin was a Puritan man as well. Ben began working at the age of ten with little education. Ben worked as printer in his earlier years and most of his life. Then he became story writer later on in life. He also was a very talented musician and created the Armonica. He was elected into the continental Congress in 1775. Franklin had bad vision and during his time neither glasses nor contacts were around so to fix is sight problem he created the first glasses. Along with glasses he created the lightning rod and the iron stove, also known as the Franklin stove. Franklin is also responsible for establishing the first library that allowed its members to borrow its books. Also he built the first
Painting of Ben Franklins Armonaphone
Painting of Ben Franklins Armonaphone
urinary catheter, a thin tube that redirects urine from from a patient to a storage bin or toilet, for his brother. Ben strongly supported the constitution and during the revolutionary war, he was sent to England as and ambassador. He died April 17, 1790 from empyema.

Franklin Stove
Franklin Stove



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