55.jpgEarly Life

Eli Whitney was born on December 8th, 1765 in Westborough Massachusetts to Eli and Elizabeth Whitney. Eli Whitney had other siblings as well. Their names were Josiah Whitney, Ben Whitney and Elizabeth Whitney. Eli Whitney was the oldest out of all four of the children. As a child Eli Whitney was a very bright child. Eli was able to take apart and reassemble and watch and build a violin from scratch.

Down the road

When Eli Whitney was 27 he created the cotton gin. After attending Yale University Eli wanted to become a lawyer, but in order for him to pursue his dream in becoming a lawyer he had to pay off his college debts. So he left Massachusetts to be a private tutor on a plantation in Georgia. He worked for Catherine Greene who was the plantation owner.
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Cotton Gin in Progres
When Eli Whitney was working on the plantation he saw that a lot of plantation owners had trouble picking the sticky seed part off of the cotton balls, so he began on working on a way to make picking cotton easier. Thus the cotton gin was created. After Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin a lot of plantation owners began requesting for them and told him they would heavily for one of his cotton gins. This is how he became famous. He invented a machine that made picking the seeds off of cotton much easier for everyone including the slaves.

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