George Westinghouse
Born: October 6, 1846
central Bridge,
new york

Died: March 12, 1914
(aged 67)

Nationality: American


George was born New York City on October 6, 1846. His father was talented when it came to machinery and he had his own shop. Around the time of the civil war George had enrolled into the national guarding system when he was fifteen, until his parents begged him to return.
In 1863 he expressed to his guardians to let him enroll again into the New York Calvary. He did rejoin eventually into the New York army. George Westinghouse was only 19 years old when he created his first invention. His first invention was the rotary steam engine. The rotary steam engine was an early type of combustion engine. It was designed with rows of stacked cylinders. That was so to avoid the engine from moving, or being able to move once it is cranked. This was used during the world war l. people have said that this very invention was the solution to many problems such as, power output, weight, and reliability.
The years of creativity
In 1869 he was 22 years old when he invented the “railroad braking system.” He used compressed air for the braking system. By making these brakes for trains he improved the brakes on cars, cars were a tester for the brakes. 1898 Westinghouse demonstrated a 300kilowatt unit replacing engines in his air brake factory. His new residency was now in Washington D.C. . George Westinghouse was productive all of his life when it came to inventing and upgrading his inventions. when he invented things he ca

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