Childhood Life
Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863 in Greenfield, Mi. His mother and father William and Mary were owners of a homestead. Henry ford was given a pocket watch from his father William. Henry had taken the watch apart and then put it back together. He went to a one room school house. He didn’t enjoy farming as a child; school was the make up of getting away form home. Henry ford had lost his mother when he was 12, his mother died during child birth.
When henry ford was with his father and he had notice a sort of tractor trailer type machine, which was the first time he had ever saw a vehicle powered by an engine.
In 1879 Henry worked at Detroit Dry Co. which he was machinist. The in 1882 he had came back home to work with Westinghouse steam engine to repair their steam engines and he had studied Bookkeeping at Goldsmith Bryant and Stratton business college in Detroit. In 1891 Henry Ford worked in the Edison illuminating Company, which is where he was soon the Chief engineer in 1893 and he had also starting to testing with Gasoline engines. In 1896 Henry met with Thomas Edison, which then Thomas Edison accepted Ford’s Gasoline Engine experiment. In 1899 Henry Ford resigned form the Edison Company and founded a new company of his own which did not last very long. The company shut down in January of 1901. Ford had gotten help from C. Harold Wills, they both put together ideas to make a 26- horsepower machine in October 1901. In November 10 1901 after the success of the automobile the Detroit automobile company soon changed into the Henry Ford Company Henry was of course the chief engineer. Then in 1902 Henry left the company and it was renamed into The Cadillac Automobile Company. Ford had begun to have better, faster, and more powerful ideas. Henry had joined together with Tom cooper who was a racing cyclist and they both came up with the 80 plus horsepower racer in October 1902. Henry had met with Alexander Y. Malcomson who was a Detroit-area coal dealer. They had formed a partnership which was Ford and Malcolmson. With this company he had made a lot of automobiles. They then joined the dodge brothers with who owned a machine shop.

Manufacturing Automobiles
Ford had then built the Model T which for people was affordable. The price for this car was moved down every year. It was easy to drive, it was easy and affordable to repair, and a lot oof people were driving these vehicles. If you wanted to get it repaired today it would cost about $21, 340, but in 1900’s the cost to get it repaired was about $825. The Majority of Americans began to drive these cars and it had made a lot of money for Ford.

Henry made sure that newspapers and other ads had made these machines an attraction. Henry Ford mostly looked upon farmers to buy his vehicles for their businesses. Soaring sells previous years had made it hard for them to make develop machines faster. So then to make this process go smoother Henry Ford made the assembly belt. The assembly belt would help the workers by the how fast the belt went and them to work on and ship out multiple machines at once. In 1914 there were 250,000 sales and then in 1916 the pice ahd dropped to $360 just for a touring car.

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