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Johann Gutenberg

Early Life
Johannes Gutenberg was born in 1398 in Mainz,Germany to his wealthy father, Friele zum Gensfleisch, and mother, Else Wyrich. His father was a goldsmith for the bishop at Mainz and worked as a clothing trader. Gutenberprinting_press.jpgg’s early life mostly went undocumented.

The Printing Press
Before the printing press, things like books were written by hand. So books such as the bible took years to write. This would make books more expensive and rare so not many people really owned them. Also, since there werent taht many books and the ones that did exist were expensive, an adverage person didnt need to know how to real. The printing press allowed people to have books and therefor learn how to read. The printing press made it faster to write and make several copies of one book. In 1436, Johann began working on the printing pressed and completed it in 1440. The printing press used replaceable and movable wooden or metal blocks with letters engraved in them to mass produce books, newspapers, and other printed objects.(Bellis, Mary)

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Effects of Printing Press
The printing press really affected the price of books. Because books didn’t have to be handwritten, more of them could be made which decreased the price of them. One of the most affected books was the Bible. The Bible ibible.jpgs a huge book so when they had to be written a lot of the same Bible wouldn’t be made. So, the printing press indirectly affected religion because now Bibles were able to be made faster.(Bellis, Mary)

Gutenberg Bible
In 1455 Johann made the first Bible to be printed with his invention of the printing press (“Gutenberg Bible.”). Forty-eigh copies of the Bible were made and are the most valuable books in the world right now. The first copies of this book was available to buy in 1454 or 1455 (“Gutenberg Bible-“)

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