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Nikola Tesla is from Nikola Tesla was a famous electrical engineer. Tesla invented many inventions that are most useful for today, such as the modern alternating current. Tesla created over three hundred patents that were sold all over the world, and bought by famous inventors like George Westinghouse.

Life of Tesla:
Nikola Tesla was born July 10, 1856 in Smiljan, Austrian Empire. Both his parents were Serbian Orthodox with five children. As a child, Tesla was very interested in electricity. He always took things apart to rebuild them. In school, he was a bright student and was able to finish his whole high school career in three years. Also as a young child, he had many peculiar illnesses. These illnesses would be discribed to hurt his eyes and He went to study at several universities and institutes to become a great engineer. He soon came to America in 1884 to work with Thomas Edison. Their friendship soon ended because the disagreements they had about new technology they will soon create. Tesla quit his job working with Edison and focused on his most famous invention, the alternating current electrical supply system.

Great Inventions:
Tesla had many patents on various inventions that improved technology. Tesla’s most famous invention is the AC, which improved the way electricity is transferred. The AC is used in things such as the electrical system in lights, light bulbs, telephone cords, and etc. Tesla also invented the "Telsa Coil". The Tesla coil was the great invention that started wireless radio, and many things that are wireless.

Tesla's Coil : ability of wireless

Tesla's Tower : for broadcasting, wireless telephones, etc
TeslaMotorBritishMuseum.JPGTesla's AC motor
Tesla's Patents: Nikola created many inventions that were sold off to other inventors. Tesla had over 300 patents, some listed below.
-many AC motors
-electric arc lamp
-regulators for AC
-electro-magnetic motor
-systems of electric lighting
-electric generator
-coil for electro-magnetics
-electric circuit controller

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