Samuel Morse
-The First Electric Telegraph


Samuel Finley Breeze Morse was the inventor of the electric telegraph. Samuel had a history of geography from his father. He was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts on April 27, 1791. His was educated at Yale University and graduated 1810. He was part of the Phi Betta Kappa Honors society. His was an exquisite painter. Also he had taken a small part in politics. He had portayed political figures for a living as a college student. He was an anti-federalist.

The Electric Telegraph
He invented the telegraphy for a good cause. Unfortunately it took for his wife to die for him to come up with this invention. The short story of this creation is one day he was painting a portrait of Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette, and a horse messenger was let to relay the message of his dead wife. He then created the telegraph to relay direct messages as soon as possible. His invention was patented by 1847.

How it helped
The first message sent by telegraph was “What hath God wrought” by the Supreme Court. By 1880 short distant communication came about. The military first used the telegraphy by 1904 during the Russo-Japanese war "( His invention promoted the growth of communication. As a teenager I think of how much I use a phone. Now I know it all started with a telegraph by a Yale scholar from Massachusetts. I wonder if technology would be different if his wife would not have died.

As a teenager I think of how much I use a cellphone and the internet to contact other people. Now I know from the inforamtion I gathered that my cellphone started from with a electric telegraph created by a scholar from Yale all because his wife died and he wish he could of known earlier. I wonder if technology would be different i his wife had not died.