2011-2012 11th Grade Class

Game Changers - 2012

We are eleventh grade students at The Neighborhood Academy, who have done research on a few inventors that contributed to the industry of technology. We call them Game Changers because their inventions made significant impacts on the modern world. We have highlighted some important inventors, such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, and many more (see below). all of these inventors have in thier field of expertese whether it be science, the arts, engeneering, or electricity, they were all able to put there minds to it and change the world as we know. We the eleventh grade have made note of these game changers and given them the highlights they diserve. We have researched each and every one of the people you see listed below and given you to our best ability a biography about the lives and works of these men.

The Game Changers

Henry Ford
George Westinghouse
Eli Whitney
Andrew Carnegie
Ben Franklin
Johann Gutenberg

Alexander Bell

No phones - Alexander Bell
Alexander Grahm Bell
Alexander Bell Telepone

Nikola Tesla
Leonardo De Vinci
Alessandro Volta
Samuel Morse